Cheat Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS


Cheat Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DSCheat or can be a way to commit fraud in playing video games. How to Cheat Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS you can use in the game poemon pokemon sun or moon. This cheat files already been tested and proven to work well. This cheat files will not damage the save data or files on the pokemon sun or moon.

Use this cheat on nintendo 3ds console you in a state not connected to the internet. To avoid things that are not desirable.

Cheat Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS

Walk Through Walls

Cheat It can make a player to walk or run through walls and buildings. It is unbelievably useful for finding rare items full of obstacles.

Cheat Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS

Note :
Cheat Walk Through Walls can only be activated if cheat Run Speed Multiplyer x1.5 activated.

Run Speed Multiplyer x1.5

This cheat is useful to improve the speed of running player.

Rematch Trainers

This cheat can make players fight with Pokemon trainer who had been defeated. This is very useful when you want to raise the level of your pokemon quickly and also can increase your money.

Cheat Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS

Egg Modifier

Receive Egg at Daycare
This cheat allows you to get the eggs in daycare.

Hatch Eggs Instantly
This cheat function so that the eggs hatch quickly or instantaneously.

Exp Multiplayer

This cheat function so that you get the double Exp. This is very useful for those who want to quickly raise your Pokemon up to Level Lv100.

Cheat Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS

Rename Any Pokemon

This allows you to change the name of pokemon you have.

How to Install Cheat Pokemon Sun and Moon

  1. Download file cheat pokemon sun and
  2. Extract file cheat pokemon sun and
  3. Copy extracted folder to Sdcard/plugin/Paste disini!. (Sdcard console nintendo 3ds)
  4. Run the application BootNTR.
  5. Playing game Pokemon Sun atau Moon.
  6. Then press the “Select” button and activate the corresponding cheat your wishes.

Cheat Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS

Why does my game freeze when I start it?

If you experience the “Freeze” or stalled at the beginning of the game. Press the “A” button at the beginning of the game play pokemon sun or moon.

Why whis cheat can’t work on Old 3DS?
Yes, Because this cheat only for New nintendo 3DS.

There are two versions of cheat that is v1.0 & v1.1
You just choose to use cheat in accordance with the version of the sun or moon pokemon game that you play.
If the pokemon sun or moon you play the 1.0 version, then use the cheat version 1.0.


  1. oke gan siap ditunggu. soalnya kmrn download di nocoblog tp file typenya 3ds mau diubah jadi file type cia udah ngikutin tutorial gabisa. kalo bisa tolong dirubahin dong hahaa

  2. Saya pakai format CIA CFW, apakah work juga gan?

    Sekalian mau tanya agan tau mengenai pokemon nova sun dan umbre moon?

    Terima kasih

  3. Saya sudah coba cara diatas tapi kenapa tidak work ya gan?

    Dan saya tidak ada folder plugin di Sdcard, apa harus di buat sendiri?
    Kalaupun harus dibuat sendiri, saya uda coba dan gak work juga.
    Salahnya dmn ya gan?

    Cfw saya versi 11.2.0-35U
    Gtau bener apa kagak hhi

    • Folder Plugin akan otomatis ada kalau agan sudah install NTR CFW di 3ds agan
      Jadi nintendo 3ds agan harus install boot NRT terlebih dahulu
      semoga membantu 😀

  4. Ok berarti kalau masalah versi cfw saya engga ada masalah ya? Saya coba deh.

    Gan req pokemom nova sun cia sama pokemom umbramoon cia dong hehe



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