Download Ever Oasis 3DS CIA (Region Free)


Download Ever Oasis 3DS CIADownload Ever Oasis 3DS CIA (Region Free) and play on your console nintendo 3ds console. Ever Oasis is a video game game released for nintendo 3ds. You will act as the person who will build an oasis and swap the vast desert. Many things you can do in this game, like recruiting allies.

There are many puzzles that you will encounter in the OASIS game. This game is almost similar to the game The Legend of Zelda which is where almost all the elements of clasic RPG you can meet in this game. Please play Ever Oasis in your nintendo 3ds console.


Name Ever Oasis
Release Date 23,June 2017
Genre Role-Playing, Action, Adventure
Publisher Ninteno
Developer Grezzo
Rating 8.9
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Region USA & EUR (Region Free)


Download Ever Oasis 3DS CIA (Region Free) Download Ever Oasis 3DS CIA Region Free


Download Ever Oasis 3DS CIA (Region Free)

[USA] Download Ever Oasis.CIA (Region Free) | 415MB

[EUR] Download Ever Oasis.CIA (Region Free) | 882MB


  • .CIA can only be played on Nintendo 3DS CFW.
  • .3DS ROMs to be played in Nintndo use the 3DS Flashcard (Sky3ds / Gateway).
  • Decrypted 3DS ROMs can only be played for the Emulator images (still being developed).


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