Download Miitopia 3DS CIA (Region Free)


Download Miitopia 3DS CIA (Region Free)Download Miitopia 3DS CIA (Region Free) and play on your nintendo 3ds console. The beginning of the story, A mii hero is summoned by the townspeople to protect the kingdom from the terror of the lord of darkness. The character of mii also comes from friends you save who can help you in the game and can also be an enemy.

Your task is to adventure to protect the whole kingdom and remove all the terror, evil, caused by the king of darkness. In the course of course you will be accompanied by another 4 mii.


Name Miitopia
Release Date July 28, 2017
Genre Role-Playing
Publisher Ninteno
Developer Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Rating 8.0 Polygon
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Region USA & EUR (Region Free)


Download Miitopia 3DS CIA (Region Free)

Download Miitopia 3DS CIA (Region Free)

Download Miitopia 3DS CIA (Region Free)

[Google Drive] Part 1 : Download Miitopia 3DS.CIA (EUR) | 500 MB

[Google Drive] Part 2 : Download Miitopia 3DS.CIA (EUR) | 500 MB


  • .CIA can only be played on Nintendo 3DS CFW.
  • .3DS ROMs to be played in Nintndo use the 3DS Flashcard (Sky3ds / Gateway).
  • Decrypted 3DS ROMs can only be played for the Emulator images (still being developed). Google


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